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West Bengal
State Emergency
Relief Fund

Work Order

Sl No Date Memo No. NIQ / NIT No. Name of work Download
1 28/09/2022 495/X/ENGG/ELECT/62/18 002/ENGG/ELECT/2022-23 Of SJDA Temporary hire and fixing of CC camera with monitor at different location of Siliguri area during Durga Puja including fixing of control room with 56 inch, large LED TV fot the year 2022
1 16/09/2022 462/X/ENGG/ELECT/09/21 006/ENGG/ELECT/2022-23 Of SJDA 2nd Call (Offline) Dismantling the existing 20 Metre High Mast at Alipureduar Chowpathy, Alipurduar for installation of Clock Tower in its position and refixing the same in a new location
2 15/09/2022 452/X/ENGG/ELECT/31/22 008/ENGG/ELECT/2022-23 Of SJDA 3rd Call (Offline) Providing internal electrification including Luminiaries, fan, AC, TPN DBs at L5 Building, 1st Floor(South Block), opp. SJDA office Siliguri.
3 15/09/2022 454/X/ENGG/ELECT/15/22 064/ENGG/ELECT/2021-22 Of SJDA 3rd Call (Offline) Providing Security Lighting at STP-II at Noukaghat, Siliguri
4 15/09/2022 456/X/ENGG/ELECT/16/22 065/ENGG/ELECT/2021-22 Of SJDA 3rd Call (Offline) Providing Cubicle panels at Govt. Polytechnic College, Shantinagar.
5 15/09/2022 455/X/ENGG/ELECT/27/22 001/ENGG/ELECT/2022-23 OF SJDA (Off-Line) Providing Service Connection Cable for Bulk Power supply from WBSEDCL including providing Fire Panel at Rabindra Mancha, Shaktigarh
6 15/09/2022 453/X/ENGG/ELECT/49/22 001/ENGG/ELECT/2022-23 OF SJDA Providing Electrical Infrastructure such as UPS at RT-PCR Lab(VDRL) andCopper Plate Earthing at Super Specialty Hospital, Jalpaiguri
7 12/08/2022 351/X/ENGG/ELECT/25/22 007/ENGG/ELECT/2022-23 Providing Fans, Luminaires and Electrical Works for water treatment plant at CEO Office cum residence etc. as required.