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Memo 1004/VIII/Adm/Plg/14/95/P-V

Notice :

Reference No 01/2014-15/Plg/SJDA dt 12.06.2014 for supplying of computer pheripherals and stationaries

Reference No 02/2014-15/Plg/SJDA dt 12.06.2014 for Annual Maintenance computer pheripherals and Lan at SJDA

Reference No 03/2014-15/Plg/SJDA dt 12.06.2014 for Annual Maintenance of Official Website of SJDA WWW.SJDA.ORG

It is hereby informed to all concerned that sealed quotations recieved by SJDA in response to above NIQs will be opened on 25.06.2014 at 4PM at SJDA Pradhan Nagar Office  SIliguri. All responsive questioner who wishes to remain present may attend.