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West Bengal
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Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana (VAMBAY)

This scheme has been initiated by the Govt. of India mainly for the construction / upgradation of houses & community toilets [ Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA) ] for persons belonging to economically weaker sections of society residing in slum type hutments. The scheme consists of a GOI subsidy of Rs. 20,000/- per unit of house & community toilet & the rest amount of the project cost is to be borne by the beneficiary or the executing agency. In the fund available till 2003, SJDA has taken up 419 housing units and 20 community toilet seats at Dakshin Santinagar & Sukantapally with the total project cost of Rs. 183.60 lac. Including GOI subsidy of Rs. 87.80 lac. Beneficiaries are constructing the houses under the supervision of SJDA & FOSET in two Plans. The first plan involves a total expenditure of approx. Rs. 40,000/- per DU while the other entails a total expenditure of Rs. 25,000/- per DU. It is being seen that around 200 of the beneficiaries in Plan-I & most of the beneficiaries in Plan-II are not able to complete the DU. It is suggested that if SJDA gives a loan of Rs. 5000/- for Plan-I and Rs. 2000 for Plan-II, then the DU's can be completed. The total involvement will be Rs. 15.00 lac.

VAMBAY Physical Progress
Physical Units Physical Targets Targets Achieved
2001—02 2002—03 2001—02 2002—03
Construction of New DUs 160 Shantinagar 259 Sukantapally 100 units under construction 50 units under construction
Shelter Upgradation - - - -
*NBA Toilet Seats - 20 - -