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SJDA during its brief existence has already fulfilled its statutory obligation of preparation of the present and prescribed Land Use Map and the Outline Development Plan (ODP) of its areas which have been approved by the state government. "Zoning" has been enforced to ensure proper and planned development with adequate provision of wide roads, open spaces, and community & civic amenities. These regulations have an overriding effect over any other law, rules or regulations in-force in the area. Presently, the SJDA has enforced these regulations mainly in the urbanising areas within its planning area with active cooperation of the Municipal and Gram Panchayat authorities. After enforcement of these regulations...

No subdivision of any plot of land in the area prescribed be undertaken without providing for Community Service Area, in accordance with the provisions of Subdivision Regulations forming part of these Regulations

No development of land and construction of buildings shall be undertaken except in conformity with the Zoning regulations based on the prescribed "Land Use Plan" of the area and with prior approval of the Authority

No construction of building shall be undertaken without the prior approval of this Authority and without following the Building Regulations forming the part of this Regulation which prescribe requirement of open spaces, height restrictions, ground coverage, off-street car parking, fire and exit facilities and use of buildings in accordance with the Zoning Regulations

It is therefore now necessary to obtain prior No-Objection certificate for subdivision of land, change of use of land or building, particularly for Commercial or Industrial use.

Sl No. Details Order/Notification No. Date Download
A. 1. Approval of Land Use Development Control Plan (Earlier Outline Development Plan.) 513-SJDA 16/12/1992. Download
3737-UD/T&CP/1R-5/89 27/08/1992. Download
2. Zoning and Sub-Division Regulation for Control of Development and Use of Land within the Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority Area (Annexure to Outline Development Plan now termed as Land Use & Development Control Plan). do do Download
3. Amendment of LUDCP 383-T&CP/1R-5/89 13/02/1996. Download
416/SJDA 27/03/1996. Download
4. Amendment of LUDCP. 222-SJDA 07/02/2001. Download
B. 1. Classification of Zones for Calculation of Development Charge. 5416-T&CP/1F-18/93-1 14/10/2003 Download
1387/SJDA 05/11/2003. Download
Classification of Zones Download
2. Latest revision in Development Charge. 2743/SJDA 14/11/2008. Download
3. Schedule of Development Charge. 1618-T&CP/C-2/1T-03/08 09/072008. Download
C. 1. Locations of Land Use Zones as per LUMR & LUDCP.     Download
D. 1. Documents required to be submitted along with application for permission for development/ LUCC     Download