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West Bengal
State Emergency
Relief Fund

Projects Ongoing Details

Development of Rehabilitation plots New Township at Kawakhali, Siliguri

Source of Fund : SJDA self Finance

Project Cost: Rs. 970.64 lac

Project Component :

  • Construction of main roads with main outfall drain at New Township at Kawakhali. Cost: Rs.180.12 lac

  • Construction of Internal Road (ph-I) at New Township at Kawakhali. Cost: Rs.94.37 lac

  • Construction of connecting roads between two Main Roads at New Township at Kawakhali. Cost: Rs.107.30 lac

  • Construction of Internal Road (ph-II) at New Township at Kawakhali. Cost: Rs.114.86 lac

  • Construction of Internal Road (ph-III) at New Township at Kawakhali. Cost: Rs.104.48 lac

  • Land Development of Various Low Land and Waterlogged Area at New Township at Kawakhali. Cost: Rs.144.34 lac

  • Construction of Boundary Wall of Southern side of New Township project at Porajhar. Cost: Rs.122.17 lac

  • Electrification work including Street lighting, LT & HT Supply line at New Township at Kawakhali. Cost: Rs.213.00 lac


  • In line with the proposed decentralization and to make available of residential, commercial, Institutional, Industrial & other facilities, the New Township Project has been taken up.

  • The area opened up and connected to Siliguri City through 3rd Mahananda Bridge.

  • The main objective of the project is the expansion of Siliguri City by crossing the river Mahananda- Balason.

  • The new township will be developed in 232.4 acres and rehabilitation and other social facilities has been developed in 73.23 acres

Facilities and Infrastructure In Rehabilitation Area ( Kawakhali)
  • Street & Roads: SJDA is providing 2 categories of Internal Roads e.g. 10m and 6m with high embankment and bituminous topping. Total 6.78 km of roads has been planned and constructed in rehabilitation area with a cost of Rs. 594.93 lac.

  • Land Development: Low and water logged land in the project area has been developed by SJDA with a cost of 144.34 lac. This felicitated the project area to become a leveled and suitable for habitation.

  • Drainage: Internal drains within the rehabilitation area has been planned and designed considering the flood storm water and also the structure discharge & surface run-off.

  • Electricity: Provision of electricity has been taken up by SJDA within project area. Street lighting arrangement with iron pole, Halogen Light and underground cable already in place. Total 204 nos street light pole, LT& HT line pole and required Transformers has also been provided.

Construction of Pineapple Development Centre

Location : At Bidhannagar, P.S. Phansidewa, District Darjeeling

Land area : Total area is 16.50 acre (1st phase 10 acre, 2nd phase 6.5 acre)

  • 10.0 acre vest land settled in favour of SJDA.

  • 3.38 acre resumption proposal from Sayeedabad Tea Estate.

  • 2.39 acre retained land acquired and taken over possession.

  • 0.73 acre retained land proposed for acquisition with consent of the land owner.

Project Cost Rs. 1267.88 lakh

Fund : APED Rs. 507.88 lakh ; ASIDE Rs. 700.00 lakh ; SJDA Rs.60.00 lakh

Status of Work :Boundary walls, Land Development works are complete and Approach Road, Internal Road, Marketing Hub ,Paved Area for truck parking , LT infrastructure, HT infrastructure etc. are in progress