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Projects Ongoing Details

Works Related To Mahananda Action Plan

Sources of Fund : NRCD Govt. of India – Rs. 2845.5 Lac, State Govt. Contribution – Rs. 1219.5 Lac

Estimated Amt. : Rs 4065 .00 lac

PROJECT PROFILE :- In order to enhance the Mahananda River water quality to Class 'C' category of Inland Surface Water Quality as per Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) i.e. for outdoor bathing, and sources of water supply after primary treatment and disinfections, Interception-cum-diversion (I&D) scheme followed by suitable treatment of the uncontrolled discharge of grossly polluted raw municipal wastewater has been envisaged. The outfall drains for interception and diversion on both sides of Jorapani and Fuleswari River have been selected based on detailed field survey and investigation.

Accordingly two STPs have been proposed on either sides of Mahananda river and a third STP has been proposed to be provided for treatment of intercepted and diverted wastewater presently polluting Fuleshwari and Jorapani streams comprising medium screening chamber, collection sump, sewage pumping and anaerobic pond & facultative pond.

Besides the above-mentioned schemes River Front Development work comprising Bank Protection, Bathing Ghat, Horticultural Blocks etc have been proposed on both bank of Mahananda of about 3.5 km stretch within the Siliguri Town. So the major components of the project are Interception & Diversion, Sewage treatment Plant and River Fornt Development at a project cost of Rs. 3756 lac. At Present Sewer Line along right bank and left bank of Mahananda , Interception & Diversion for Jorapani & Fuleshwari and River Front Development works and STP –II & III are going on and total 75 % works completed so far. .

Construction of Inland Container Depot (Dry Port), Siliguri

Sources of Fund : Grand from ASIDE – 1889 Lac, S.J.D.A Contribution – 595 Lac

Estimated Amt. : Rs 2484 lac

PROJECT PROFILE:- SJDA is setting up an Inland Container Depot (Dry Port) near NJP Railway Station, Siliguri on 34 acre of land. The Inland Container Depot has been conceptualized for the local industries and trading communities keeping in mind the extant demand for such a facility as well as the potential for further economic growth in the region. This Depot is planned to be set up as a one-stop facility for different services and facilities relating to carriage/transportation of big cargo of manufactures/ produce/products of different kinds as may be growing or produced or being imported by the different regional players for different purposes. Further, it would be possible to obtain all statutory clearances relating to the export/import /transport of cargo at the facility so that it becomes a genuine transfer facility, thus acting like a Dry Port. This facility shall function essentially as an "Enhanced" container freight station with all essential facilities expected at a port. To ensure an effective dry port there are two general objectives (1) consolidation of exportable goods in inter-modal short and long distance transport flows and (2) collecting and distribution of local, regional and inter-modal transportation. To achieve these two objectives it is necessary for the terminal to carry out the following functions; inland warehousing, management of container flow, expansion of road and rail transport, offering special and extra services, reduction of transport costs and transport chain by road/rail transport.

PROJECT DETAILS: The ICD will have the following facilities A designated, fully developed well served and serviced basic infrastructure meant for the different industrial and trading houses engaged in various economic activities. Maintenance free Internal Road with green coverage.

Power Facilities:- Sub Station with switchyard for providing power to each unit, along with power to common facilities.

Water Supply: Water tank with Iron Removal and filtration plant for supplying to each units including source of water.

Drainage & Sewerage:- Treated effluents / drainage through wide drains discharged to nearest urban discharge receiving area.

Common Facilities Area (CFA)

  • Bank / Bank Extension Centre ; Low cost / budget canteen for workers; Business Centre

  • Brokers Centre

  • Office space for Couriers/Shipping Agencies

  • Office space for support companies (Technical support for machinery maintenance, Packing Material Supplier) etc.

  • Export Inspection Agency

  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Office cum Lab

  • Depot Administration Office cum First Aid Centre.

  • A modern restaurant

  • Inter-modal connectivity with transit shed, truck parking, railway siding and associate facilities like food court, wash rooms and dormitories for support staff

  • Consolidation of cargo

  • Repair and maintenance facilities for containers

  • Customs clearance facilities

  • Availability of Bonded warehouses/sheds for goods to be imported and exported.

  • Domestic Container Yard

  • Temperature controlled warehouse

  • Fuel station .

PROJECT COMPLETION TIME: 18 (Eighteen ) Months.

Present Status :- This work has started from Feb – 2009 and Land development works, boundary wall construction are completed and internal road and approach road and other constructions are going on .

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