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West Bengal
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Projects Ongoing Details

Construction 4th. Mahananda Bridge connecting Vivekananda Road at one side to Diesel Colony & P.M.G.S.Y Road connecting to Matigara on other side Siliguri

Sources of Fund :- P&S and ACA -850.00 lac

Estimated Amt. : Rs. 840 lac

PROJECT PROFILE :- This major Bridge project had been taken up by S.J.D.A., which consist of 5 (five) nos. of Span each 30 meter long, having total length of 160 meter (excluding both side approaches) and 7.5 meter wide carriageway with 1.50 meter wide footpath on both sides. Provision has been made in this project with R.C.C Well Sinking type of Foundation with pre-stressed concrete Girders Superstructure. The total cost of Rs. 840 lac with completion time of 26 months has been considered for execution of this project .The foundation stone was laid by the honorable M.I.C. urban development, Department , Govt. Of West Bengal on dated 08/02/2008.

The physical execution of this work was started from the month of April 2008 and at present sub-structural works are completed and super structural works 80 % are completed in bridge proper. Approach portion on both sides and shore span can be taken up after removal of existing hutments and structures along alignment of this Bridge approach . After successful completion of this project vast area of Matigara & surroundings will be directly connected to central area of Siliguri town through Vivekananda Road resulting socio – economic growth of this area as well as this will also reduce traffic density of Hill- Curt Road From Darjeeling More to Air View More and beyond.

Construction of High Drain from left side of 3 no. Ghumti to out fall of Gadadhar Canal in connection with comprehensive drainage scheme of Jalpaiguri town

Sources of Fund : Plan Grant - 10-11 - 175 lac

Estimated Amt. : Rs. 128.0 lac

PROJECT PROFILE :- This project was taken up by SJDA as per resolution of Jalpaiguri Sub committee meeting in presence of Executive Engineer, Jalpaiguri Irrigation Division under Irrigation and waterways Dept, Executive Engineer Municipal Engineering Directorate, Jalpaiguri and other officials to execute a portion of High drain under Comprehensive drainage scheme of Jalpaiguri town . During monsoon Jalpaiguri town area faced severe water logging problem mainly due to high water level of river Tista and Karala and to resolve this huge water logging problem a comprehensive drainage scheme has been prepared where Gadadhar canal has been considered as main out fall of this drainage scheme. Accordingly SJDA has taken up this project for construction of R.C.C high drain from 3 no. Ghumti near Jalpaiguri town Railway Station along left side of Haldibari road up to out fall of Gadadhar river , total length of 600 m . After successful implementation of this project water logging problem and resulting severe water pollution will be resolved and about 2 lakhs people will be directly benefited from this project.

Construction of RAIL Under Bridge near Kishor Sangha , Siliguri

Source of Fund : ACA 05-06 Rs. 59.6 lac. , ACA 08-09 Rs. 70.4 lac.

Estimated Amt.: Rs. 130.00 lac

PROJECT PROFILE :- Vast area of either side of Buardwan road at Ward No- 4 of Siliguri Municipal Corporation though situated very close to the core area of Siliguri town but isolated due existing Railway trucks .To give an access from either side of Burdwan Road , one from near Howrah Motor and other from locality "Mahananda Para" one RUB has been taken up by SJDA in association with NF Railway under the existing Railway tracks near Kishor Sanga. At present construction of one side of approach and under Bridge proper has been completed and other side approach and remaining works can be taken up after removing of existing encroachments and structures along the alignment of this RUB and its approaches

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