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West Bengal
State Emergency
Relief Fund

New Projects

Construction of Road from Samsanghat, Maynaguri to Bye-pass Road:

Proposed cost of roads from Samsanghat, Maynaguri to Byepass Roads at Maynaguri. Estimated amount of Rs. 84.00 lac . Placed in Board for decision.

L4 and L5 Building , Hill Cart Road:

Existing L4 and L5 building which were handed over along with land to SJDA from Housing Department. At present these building are in dilapidated condition and SJDA has proposed for construction of multistoried commercial building at this location which will be financially viable considering location of building . Notice are to be served to vacate existing tenants . Necessary formalities for raising fund preferably from potential byers through open add may be adopted

Himul- 1st floor, AITO Office- 1st floor, Passport application collection centre, Pradhannagar Police Out post.

SJDA has written to U.D. Department for remission of stamp duty but it is pending and not approved so far. SJDA may register the deed after paying stamp duty and registration charge , which may be realised by Commercial exploitation of the land.

Construction of RCC Bridge over River Angarijhora and both side approach roads connecting Fakdaibari at Dabgram G.P- II to Eastern by-pass road ,Siliguri.

Sources of Fund:

Plan Grant: 12-13 Rs. 50.00 lac

Estimated Amt: Rs. 50 lac

PROJECT PROFILE - : To fulfill long standing demand from inhabitants of villages like Fakdaibari, Mazabari, Hatiadanga and other villages under Dabgram Gram Panchayet No-ll and up to Binnaguri Gram Panchayet , for construction of a direct connectivity of these villages from the Eastern-By-Pass road by overcoming the natural barrier of existing jhora , S.J.D.A has taken up this project for construction of a permanent R.C.C Box type Bridge over existing Jhora along with both side approaches. This Bridge along with both side approaches and connecting roads will not only connect above mentioned villages to the Eastern-By-Pass near Panchanan road at Ward No- 36 of S.M.C and core area of Siliguri town but this will also create a new route up to Binnaguri G.P. This will ensure an important connectivity for more than 15000 villagers to the Eastern-By-Pass and Siliguri town and this project will definitely improve the Socio - economic activities of Dab Gram, Binnaguri and surrounding areas.