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Milestones 1991-2000

YEAR 1991

January 1991 :: Draft ODP approved under section 36(1) of the T&CP Act.

March 1991 :: Electric Crematorium at Siliguri  Located by the side of Mahananda River near Mahananda Bridge, helps to reduce pollution level and wood usage. Project completed in March 1991. Cost Rs 74 Lac.

April 1991 :: Market cum Office Complex at Dinbazar, Jalpaiguri  Located in the core area of the city to provide modern shopping and office facilities. Project Cost Rs 98 lac.

May 1991 :: Bus stand and D.I. Fund Market at Naxalbari To provide bus stand facilities and market facilities in that area. Project Cost Rs 52 Lac.

June 1991 :: Bridge over river Rook Rooka at Jalpaiguri Links Jalpaiguri Engg. College to Jalpaiguri Polytechnic. Project Cost Rs 13.87 lac.

August 1991 :: Sri Asok Bhattacharya, Minister-of-State, Municipal Affairs Department took over as Chairman (1.8.91 – 26.03.96)

September 1991 :: Improvement of Karbala Maidan  Project Cost Rs 10.54 lac.

September 1991 :: Tenzing Norgay Central Bus Terminus at Siliguri  Located near Siliguri Railway Junction to give terminal facilities to Govt. and private buses. Project Cost Rs 191 Lac.

YEAR 1992

March 1992 :: Public notice inviting objections on ODP Published on 1.4.1992 in newspapers.

June 1992 :: Approval of ODP in 54th meeting held on 22.6.1992 for submission to State Govt.

July 1992 :: Request for final approval of ODP under section 37 of T&CP Act sent to Govt.

August 1992 :: Govt. approval of ODP under section 37 of T&CP Act received.

November 1992 :: SJDA Market And Office Complex  Built to provide resettlement of hawkers in bus terminus area, to create shopping facilities for the transit passengers and to provide office facilities for RPFC and SJDA. Project Cost Rs 120 lac.

December 1992 :: Gazette notification published on 22.12.1992 notifying approval of O.D.P

YEAR 1993

May 1993 :: Decision of SJDA in its 58th meeting on 22.5.93 for imposition of development charges as per chapter IX of WBT & C(P&D) Act, 1975

July 1993 :: Proposal sent to UD Dept for approval of Development charges

YEAR 1994

March 1994 :: Second Mahananda Bridge  To avoid bottlenecks of traffic flow a second bridge over Mahananda has been constructed. PWD (North Bengal Construction Division) has executed the work. Project Cost 377 lac.

October 1994 :: Approval of State Govt.received under section 102 of WBT&C(P&D) Act,1975 to impose development charges.

YEAR 1995

January 1995 :: Gazette notification on 4.1.95 impossing development charges

May 1995 :: Proposal for amendment of ODP regarding restricting height of building to 14.5 m in certain areas of Siliguri Municipal Corporation taken up after approval in the 64th Board Meeting of SJDA held on 8.5.1995 Public notice inviting objections published on 30.5.1995 in Calcutta Gazette inviting objections.

May 1995 :: Decision to Delegate power to sanction building plan by Siliguri Municipal Corporation and Jalpaiguri Municipality in the 64th meeting held on 8.5.95. Proposal to the state Govt for delegation of power u/s 134 of WBT&C(P&D) Act 1979. Approval of the State Govt for delegation of power received.

July 1995 :: Power to sanction building plan delegated to SMC. Building committee formed for passing of building plans

YEAR 1996

February 1996 :: Approval of State Govt. received for amendment of ODP

March 1996 :: Gazette notification issued for amendment on 28.3.1996

June 1996 :: Sri Asok Bhattacharya, Minister-In-Charge, Urban development &Municipal Affairs Department took over as Chairman from 04.06.96

July 1996 :: Phulbari Ghoshpukur bye-pass (Phase-I)  Cost 350 Lac. Length of canal bank road 6.1 km

July 1996 :: Kurseong bus terminus: Provision for 11 Bus bays and 22 taxi bays.  Cost Rs. 200 lac

September 1996 :: Actual imposition of development charges and issue of land use compatibility certificate w.e.f. 1.9.1996

YEAR 1997

February 1997 :: Himanchal Vihar Housing Project - Foundation Laying

February 1997 :: Review of Development charges by the committee on 18.2.97 which was approved by Board on 29.3.97 in its 69th meeting.

March 1997 :: Mahismari Bridge Champasari - Foundation Laying

March 1997 :: Phulbari Toll Tax Plaza - Inauguration

March 1997 :: Phulbari Truck Terminus - Foundation Laying

April 1997 :: Proposal to State Govt for revision of rates of development charges as recommended by the committee and approved by the Board

August 1997 :: Approval of State Govt for revision in rates and modalities of development charges

September 1997 :: Revision of development charges has been notified in Calcutta Gazette on 18.9.97

September 1997 :: Commercial Complex Sevoke Road - Foundation Laying.

October 1997 :: Bridge over river Mahismari to provide link between Champasariarea with the town Project completed in September, 1997 at a cost of Rs. 46 lac. Inaugurated on 1.10.97

YEAR 1998

March 1998 :: Kurseong Fire Station - Inauguration

April 1998 :: Netaji Bus Stand, Jalpaiguri

April 1998 :: Naxalbari DI Fund Market - Foundation

April 1998 :: Phulbari Bypass Phase II - Foundation

October 1998 :: Bridge over River Karala, Jalpaiguri  The Bridge has provided an easy access to passenger and public from Jalpaiguri Bus Terminus to NH. The project cost was Rs. 140.00 lac and was completed during October 1998

December 1998 :: Jalpaiguri Bus Terminus  The existing bus stand at Netajipara was upgraded by providing terminal facilities like 11 bus bays with sufficient parking facilities for intra-city transport like rickshaws etc., Cloak Room, Passenger Foyer, Cafeteria ,Boarding& Parking Bays and convenience shopping center with an estimated cost of Rs: 60 loacs. The project has been completed in December, 1998

YEAR 1999

January 1999 :: Parivahan Nagar Truck Terminal-cum-Office Complex(PNOC): Spread over more than 75 acres, PNOC is designed to provide integrated terminal facilities for long distance goods traffic, warehouses, godowns and container freight station. A number of offices of Central and State Government as well as private organization are coming up in the office complex including IOC, CIL, Income Tax, RPNN Shine Motors, Ganashakti, Bartaman, Ananda Bazar Patrika etc. The SJDA has contributed 10 acres of land to North Bengal Science Centre. The project is primarily self financing in nature. Total project cost is about 12 crore. The project has been completed January 1999.

March 1999 :: Phulbari Truck Terminal: Designed to provide transit facilities such as dhabas, spare parts shops, ideal truck parking, petrol pump, drivers rest shed etc. for long distance traffic using PhulbariGhoshpukur Bypass and SH-12. The Project was completed March, 1999.

March 1999 :: SAP Housing at Dabgram - Foundation.

May 1999 :: Eastern By-Pass Project: The project includes construction of 12 km. of major road and up gradation or construction of another 7 kms of subsidiary / connecting roads along with a number of bridges and culverts. This will shorten the distance for long distance traffic originating or terminating at NJP Railway Station and will reduce in volume the traffic in Central Business District. The estimated cost of the Project is Rs:1000lacs. Work of 6 km. of major roads and 6 kms. of subsidiary roads (on southern side of Ashighar more) has been completed in March 1999 and another 6 km (on northern side of Ashighar more) has been completed in May 1999.

November 1999 ::Auditorium-cum-Art Gallery, Jalpaiguri: Located in the heart of the town, it is designed to provide state-of-the-art facilities for hosting of Dance, Drama,Exhibitions and folk performances. It has been constructed with an estimated cost of Rs:400lacs with an auditorium to seat 961. The project has been designed with extensive facilities such as Art Gallery, Exhibit Hall, Library and Reading Room. The project has been completed in November, 1999.

November1999 :: Composite Complex, Jalpaiguri: The project provides developed land for residential and office purpose and is the first project of its kind at Jalpaiguri. The project cost was Rs 225 lac.

YEAR 2000

July 2000 :: Bridge at Samar Nagar - Foundation

July 2000 :: Estiasal Road - Opening

July 2000 :: Naxalbari DI Fund Market - Inauguration

August 2000 :: Market Complex at H C Road - Inauguration

September 2000 :: Housing Complex, Santinagar - Foundation Stone Laying

September 2000 :: Laying Foundation Stone, Service Road, way side facilities at Champasari

September 2000 :: Market Complex, Hill Cart Road - Foundation Stone Laying

December 2000 :: Sahudangi - Ambari Road - Foundation Stone Laying.

December 2000 :: Ghoshpukur - PhulbariByepass (Phase II) Inauguration

December 2000 :: Baribhasa Road - Opening

December 2000 :: Taxi Stand at Hill Cart Road