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Industrial Potential in Siliguri

Industrial Potential Siliguri

Siliguri stands on the verge of Terai and at the foothills of Himalayas and situated partly in Darjeeling and partly in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal. It is one of the most important towns in West Bengal and called gateway of the North-Eastern States. Advantageous location of Siliguri made it an ideal Centre of trade, commerce and transit tourist traffic. As Siliguri lies on the traditional trade route to Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, even in its initial period of growth, it attracted people from its vast hinterlands stretching as far as Bihar, eastern fringes of Uttar Pradesh and Assam. As a result Siliguri has acquired a cosmopolitan character.


The artisans of these districts create exquisite varieties of ornaments, carpets, household articles, handicrafts, and other articles, which are widely acclaimed. The traditional cottage industries also include woolen garments, and cane and bamboo work. These cottage and handicraft industries however need proper marketing support through purchase, organising of handicraft exhibitions, formation of societies and guilds etc.

Land availability

Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA), primarily responsible for acquiring and making available land for both residential and industrial purposes. Currently, SJDA is in the process of acquiring of land in different location of Siliguri and its outskirts. SJDA has a proposal of acquiring of 1000 acres of land in the western side of the Mahanada river in Dabgram, Kawakhali, Thiknikata, Pelku Mouza, near North Bengal Medical College. Out of which 250 acre of land will be developed for Industrial purpose and rest the area will be developed for residential purpose. There are other proposals like 250 acre at Rupsing Mouza, 100 acre at backside of the Dabgram Industrial Growth Center, Phulbari. Presently private industries are growing in Phulbari, along the SH—12A and around Eastern By Pass.

Water supply

The main water source for the rivers of the district is the snowmelt from the Himalayas and hence, there is plenty of water on their beds throughout the year. Main water channels in this area are Teesta, Jaldhaka and Mahananda. Other important rivers include Leesh, Geesh and Chel to the east of Teesta and Mahananda, Balason and Mechi to the West of it. This river network provides sufficilent surface water all over the district. Underground water in huge quantities is also readily available within a maximum depth of 10-15 ft. in the plains. As far as quality of water is concerned river water is soft but underground water has little hardness.


Siliguri is well connected by road, rail and air. Siliguri has developed as an important node for all surface communication systems of this region. Siliguri is linked to the other parts of India and the neighbouring Himalayan Kingdoms by NH-31, N.H. 31-A, NH-55, Lateral Road and a number of major state highways (S.H. 12, 12A. All the three types of railway links viz. broad gauge meter gauge and narrow gauge connect the Siliguri with National Capital and a large number of other state Capital and Darjeeling Hill Station. Siliguri is also connected by Air-links from Bagdogra with the national capital and a number of other state capitals by daily services.


Siliguri and its surroundings has surplus power served by (at least) one 132/33/11 KV, one 132/33 KV substation, six 33/11KV substation and one 66/11 KV substation. Further two 132/333 KV and one 220/132/33 KV substation is already under process to meet the future demand of this area.


All type of modern telecommunication facilities and postal services are available at Siliguri.

Tax benefits

Siliguri falls partly in Darjeeling District and partly in Jalpaiguri District. In Jalpaiguri there will be full Income Tax exemption for Seven Years.

Projects will be set up in Siliguri, will be also eligible for Sales Tax concession like deferred payment of Sales Tax for 15 years subject to 175% ceiling in terms of Gross value of Fixed Capital Assets of the Project or alternatively, remission of Sales Tax for 13 years subject to 150% ceiling in terms of Gross value of Fixed Capital Assets of the Project.

Social infrastructure

SJDA has taken up many new housing development projects, where small plots and bulk plots will be available on lease. There are many reputed schools and colleges in Siliguri, like Don-Bosco, St. Josheph, Lincolns, St Xaviers, Siliguri College, etc. One Engineering College and one Polytechnic College are functioning here in Siliguri. Siliguri has abundant skilled and semiskilled manpower.

Well developed Health and Medicare facilities are available, including North Bengal Medical College, Sub divisional Hospital and many private clinics, nursing homes and hospitals in Siliguri. There are many tourists' spots for outing within tow hour's journey. There are plenty number of Hotels and restaurants for ever increasing tourists, businessmen, and traders.