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ASIDE Projects

ASIDE aims to provide financial assistance to the state to improve the infrastructure and create export hubs in the country, under which SJDA has undertaken the following Projects.


Background and Project Rationale

Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA), in association with Food Processing Industries & Horticulture Department, Govt. of West Bengal with the financial assistance from Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and Assistance to States for Infrastructure Development for Exports (ASIDE) scheme of Govt. of India has developed a Centre for Perishable Cargo (CPC) on its Land adjacent to Bagdogra Airport within Siliguri Sub-Division of Darjeeling District of West Bengal.

The entire North Bengal Region and adjoining state of Sikkim have varied agro-climatic zones congenial for growing diverse agri-horticultural crops, both conventional & exotic varieties, offering reasonably higher value addition and having good export market. The category wise anchor perishable commodities identified for export includes flowers/orchids/ornamental-decorative plants and foliage medicinal plants, flower bulbs, fresh fruits like orange, pineapple, mango, fresh vegetables/exotic vegetables, spices and the world famous Darjeeling tea and Tulaipanji rice of Uttar Dinajpur. There is a regular movement of these products from this region to markets in India and abroad which may be transported using Bagdogra Airport. The project scope has been developed keeping in mind the objective of realizing the true potential of export of these agri-horti and floricultural products.

The CPC Bagdogra is only 22 km away from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and it is at a nominal distance from Bagdogra Railway Station near NH-31 connecting North eastern states with rest of India. Panitanki – Fullbari road (Asian Highway-02) having access to Nepal and Bangladesh is being developed under ADB project which would boost up the international trade using Bagdogra Airport. In addition, transit cargo requiring short duration storage can also from part of potential business for CPC.

The total project area is about 3 acre at a project cost of Rs. 640.10 Lakh, of which Rs. 315.10 Lakh received from ASIDE for approach road and other works, Rs. 299.00 Lakh received from APEDA for infrastructure development and balance fund and the land has been provided by SJDA.

Installation and commissioning of various equipments for Centre for Perishable Cargo has already been completed by SJDA. The basic facilities available at Centre for Perishable Cargo suitable is to handle material of 20MT per day.

Operation and Maintenance of Pineapple Development Centre (PDC) at Bidhan Nagar,Siliguri, District Darjeeling

Background and Project Rationale

Siliguri sub-division of Darjeeling district, Islampur sub-division of Uttar Dinajpur district, Sadar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district and parts of Cooch Behar district are the key production clusters of pineapple in the state of West Bengal. Recognizing the raw material availability and the export potential of this geography, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India (GoI), has declared this area as an Agri-Export Zone (AEZ). GoI has, since then, identified a number of schemes for promotion & facilitation of processed food exports in the region. In specific, with a view to optimizing the utilization of a region’s resources and to achieve the objectives of export growth through a coordinated effort of the Central as well as the State Governments, the "Assistance to States for Infrastructure Development for Exports” Scheme (ASIDE) was drawn up by the Department of Commerce, Govt of India.

The Pineapple Development Centre (PDC) established at Bidhan Nagar in Siliguri is one such collaborative effort to meet common objectives. While funding has been received from various sources - APEDA and ASIDE Scheme (Department of Commerce, GoI) - Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) has made available project land and balance fund, and has constructed the PDC at the said location in association with Department of Food Processing Industries & Horticulture, Govt. of West Bengal.

Bidhan Nagar area of Siliguri sub-division, the location of the PDC, is at the heart of West Bengal’s pineapple growing cluster. The site is located approximately 700 meters off NH-31, 35 km from Siliguri town and approximately 20 km from Bagdogra airport.

The PDC is envisaged to play two key roles – that of a post-harvest handling facility and also that of an infrastructure facility to aid development of pineapple related business in the area. The PDC has been established by SJDA so as to ensure streamlining of all post-harvest facilities related to the fruit – storage, packaging, marketing, fresh fruit trade, processing etc. The PDC, hence, has the potential to reduce wastage and enhance remunerations by way of enabling all stakeholders to cater to the Indian and export markets for this fruit in a more efficient manner.

The total project area is 12.35 acre. Project cost is Rs. 18.78 Crore of which Rs. 4.01 Crore received from APEDA, Rs. 7.00 Crore from ASIDE scheme for infrastructure development, and balance Rs. 7.77 Crore provided by SJDA with land.

Project Components

The project area is well equipped with various built up infrastructure as follows :

  • Approach Road, Boundary Wall and Entrance Gate
  • There is an approx. 700 meter approach road from NH-31 to the site. The current width of the road is 10 meters up to 500 meters and it then broadens to approx. 20 meters. SJDA has already initiated the process of widening the said road. The boundary is a permanent structure with column foundation, RCC column and tie beam and brick wall with both side mortar plastering. There is one steel gate at the entry point.

  • Administrative/Facility Building and Conference Hall
  • There is an approx. 700 meter approach road from NH-31 to the site. The current width of the road is 10 meters up to 500 meters and it then broadens to approx. 20 meters. SJDA has already initiated the process of widening the said road. The boundary is a permanent structure with column foundation, RCC column and tie beam and brick wall with both side mortar plastering. There is one steel gate at the entry point.

  • Administrative/Facility Building and Conference Hall
  • The building is permanent type with RCC column, beam, roof and brick wall and mosaic floor. The ground floor shall be used as office space, bank, ATM etc. The conference room will be at first floor of the office building. There is also space and provision for setting up the canteen/restaurant in the said building.

  • Cold Storage and Sorting Grading Centre
  • Total cold storage capacity that has been installed at the site is 1600 MT. The capacity of the sorting and grading line is 50 MT/day.

  • Warehouse
  • Warehousing space has been created in an area of approx. 720 Sqm.

  • Weighbridge
  • Weighbridge facility of 50 MT has also been installed at the PDC.

  • Pineapple Marketing Hubs
  • A total of 48 sheds have been created and further 16 are under construction. Each shed will house 2 shops / marketing hub units. Hence, total number of shops / marketing hub units currently stands at 96. SJDA has already alloted all these shops to traders.

  • Reefer Van
  • One reefer van of 20 MT capacity has also been procured for the PDC operations.

  • Other Onsite Facilities
  • These include road network, electricity lines, street lights, generators, underground and overhead water reservoir, drainage, truck parking, toilets etc.

    In addition to the facilities that have already been created, there is green/open space for further expansion. These include – installation of R&D lab, processing unit, online auction system.

Sources of Revenue

Following are the various sources of revenue that have been envisaged for the O&M partner -

  • Warehousing facility is available at the site. The operator may generate revenue by charging rental from the users.
  • Cold storage facility may be rented out to various users for storage of pineapple.
  • Rentals from sorting and grading facility
  • Operator would also be allowed to recover infrastructure management fee from the units on annual basis
  • In addition to revenue from the above listed facilities, the O&M partner would also be able to realize revenue from parking and weighbridge in the form of user charges and from Administrative building and reefer van in the form of rentals

Images : Pineapple Development Centre (PDC) at Bidhan Nagar,Siliguri, District Darjeeling

SJDA is in the process of finalizing the O& M partner.


  • Bangladesh and India share a border of 3406 kilometers. The Bangladeshi Divisions of Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet and Chittagong, along with the Indian states of West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram are situated along the border.
  • The Land Custom Station (LCS) as well as International Check Post (ICP) is the gateway for transit of perishable/non-perishable goods, services and human beings between the neighboring countries & India has a long border with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.


The proposed Immigration (ICP) has been constructed at the premises of Land Custom Station (LCS) at Fulbari, Siliguri, Dist. Jalpaiguri. Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority, Siliguri, purchased 10 Acre of land. The land is well connected with National Highway 31 with a service road of 2 km.


  • The site is well connected with the city of Siliguri, compare to Changrabandha Check Post.
  • At Bangladesh side Town Tentulia is also very nearer, only 13 km. from Border.
  • Well connected with Dhaka and other part of Bangladesh
  • International Railway Station (NJP), Airport (Bagdogra) is very nearer from Fulbari Border.
  • Globalization and changing of socio-economic conditions
  • dequate parking area
  • Attached land custom station will improve exports
  • inimize the distance between Dhaka and Siliguri.


  • The project scope has been developed keeping in mind the movement of people to Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal by road, boosting of international tourism to Bangladesh.
  • Programme has been taken to enhance tourism, medical treatment, eduction facilities by road with proper custom facilities.
  • Programme has been taken to develop necessary infrastructure (approach road, paved area) for smooth operation of ICP


  • Indo-Bangladesh trade through Fulbari Check Post approved by Govt. of India vide notification no. 80/2004-Customs (NT) dated 22.6.2004.
  • Customs had proposed for acquisition of 10 acre land at Fulbari in 2004 but could not materialise the acquisition process.
  • SJDA proposed a project for improvement of facilities for Fulbari Land Custom Station in 2008 and it got approval under ASIDE vide no. 13/24/2008-States Cell dated 27.10.2009 of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GOI.
  • Since the land near the border was not available at that time, SJDA proposed acquisition of 10 acres of land for the project with the assurance from customs to pay the land cost.
  • SJDA got the land from collector through acquisition on 5.10.2010 vide L.A. case no. 1/2010-11 on payment of Rs. 193.13 lakhs.
  • Formal Bilateral trade through Fulbari border started w.e.f. 22.01.2011 at the hand of the then Hon’ble Union Finance Minister (now H.E. The President of India).
  • In Phase-I, Project of development of infrastructure successfully implemented by SJDA and inaugurated on 06.02.2013 by Hon’ble MIC, C&I, Govt. of WB.
  • Project cost (Phase-I) = Rs. 1188.56 lakh
  • Grant under ASIDE = Rs. 871.85 lakh
  • SJDA = Rs. 316.71 lakh


  • Facility Building – Ground Floor (5660 sq.ft) handed over to customs with all furniture including chairs, tables, racks, light, fan, X-ray scanner, frame & hand metal detector, P.A.A. system, computers, printers, server, UPS, security camera with control etc.
  • Facilities being operated by SJDA through private agency
  • 1. Truck Parking Area – for 150 trucks

    2. Warehouse – 1 (normal), 1 temperature controlled

    3. Weigh Bridge

    4. Toilet

Other infrastructure like 200 KVA D.G. set, water supply, street lighting are also available.


Project of Immigration Check Post within existing Land Custom Station approved under ASIDE vide no. 12-(Sanction) - Plan - CI/0/COM/GEN/001/08 dated 22.10.2014

Project Cost - Rs. 152.63 lakh (entire fund approved from ASIDE)

Project Components - Renovation & Up-gradation of existing building and arrival & departure shed.

Modification of ground floor and expansion of first floor : Rs. 61.91 lakh

Const. of arrival / departure shed : Rs. 13.70 lakh

Const. of Police Barrack at 2nd floor: Rs. 77.02 lakh


  • Ground Floor - 6072 Sq.ft- ICP facilities with baggage checking for Customs.
  • First Floor - 5660 Sq.ft. Customs Office
  • Second Floor- 5660 Sq.ft.–Residential accommodation for Police personnel.
  • Arrival / departure shed.

*Note : Project completed and Project Operational.

Images : Inland Container depot & Tea Park

Inland container Depot & Allied activities